Sculpture Pincurler- Try No. 2


This handy tool, I used a second time! I feel like I had better success I just need a styling wax to smooth fly aways into the curl.

I did not brush it out as much as last time, so the curls are fairly tight.


I am very happy with the result! The only thing I would improve on is the bangs.


I purchased the sculpture pincurler from I ordered the package with 2 pincurlers and the instruction booklet and posters.


Today’s Look- 20’s Inspired


Today I sported a 1920’s inspired look. Things did not go as perfectly as I wished, but the look was not too bad!

Camera 360

I should have gone a little darker with the eyeshadow and made my brows thinner!

I think my favorite part of this look was the lipstick! I got it in my Wantable subscription last month. I used:

Besame in Red Noir

Besame in Red Noir

The color is fantastic and very dark!

They key with a 20’s lip is dark wine red and a small bow shape mouth. That was all the rage in those flapper days!

As far as my headband goes I made it myself. I found that floral peice and hot glued it to the head band. All parts came from CVS!

Well that’s it as far as my look for today. I will do a better tutorial once I get this look perfected!


Vintage Look Today

Last night I decided to try rollers again. It was a huge undertaking and made me think about all the beautiful women before me who rolled their hair up every night. The one foremost in my mind was my grandmother. She had gorgeous red ringlets but still tied them up at night to keep that curl.

Rollers and a scarf

Rollers and a scarf

The next day things did not turn out as planned. My curls were too frizzy, some ends uncurled. I almost cried with defeat! I tucked the uncurled ends under and pinned them up and put a big green flower where the curled hair did not look so good. Now it wasn’t so bad.

My look is not perfect today, but it gives me hope that through continued practice I can one day master those lovely waves of the 40’s.


Vintage Beauty

Interesting to read some of the outlandish beauty rituals adopted by the stars.


Vintage Beauty

Vintage beauty care, was truly a ritual. Some rituals still sound good, others..well, a bit outlandish! Rita Hayworth rinsed her hair with champagne, to keep her fiery locks, sparkling. Claudette Colbert bathed in milk, on-screen and off-screen. Lana Turner exfoliated with Boraxo powdered soap to keep her skin, flawless. Another exfoliation with sugar and lemon juice, was a nightly ritual for Katherine Hepburn. Jean Harlow wore a perfume called: Mitsouko by Guerlain, daily. Some of these may be too rich for our tastes…(milk is over $3 a gallon!), but the use of cold cream, girdles, and bullet bras are affordable and can still make you feel like you’re on par, with the most glamorous women, from Hollywood’s past! Get to it, ladies! And guys, don’t feel so left out…Tyrone Power was insulted by director, Daryl F. Zanuk calling him a “monkey face”. Way before cosmetic surgery was available, Tyrone raised…

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Why The 40’s?

Why do I want to style myself after women of the 1940’s?

This question is easy to answer. The women of the 40’s were elegant, charming and classy.  I find these traits alluring and desirable. I wish more women of our age would embody any three of these more often.

I also feel the fashion of this era is most flattering to women. Any girl could wear a 40’s ensemble and look gorgeous! The hair and make-up styles were very flattering and glamorous.

The actresses of the era were beautiful!


Bette Davis (’s)


Lucille Ball             (


Marlene Dietrich (’s)


Judy Garland (

Look how captivating and beautiful these ladies of the 40’s were!

If you too are obsessed with a vintage look, do not fear, with practice and a little time you can do it. The key factors in a vintage 40’s look is: winged eyeliner, big bold lashes and red red lips! Hair was curled often times brushed out into a wave or rolled into victory rolls.

I am far from perfecting my look. By now I have gotten the winged eyeliner down but still struggle with simple hair styles of the 40’s. If this happens to you, don’t give up! It takes time and practice.

The 40’s style is a fantastic time to model yourself after. Do your research and you too can look like a starlet from Hollywood!

Tata for now lovelies!